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Use your mouse and click on L if you think you would Like to do the activity or select D if you think you would Dislike the activity. Select the ? if you are not sure whether you would like or dislike the work activity.

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L ? D 169. Set up and operate machines to make products
L ? D 170. Put out forest fires
L ? D 171. Do laboratory tests to identify diseases
L ? D 172. Study weather conditions
L ? D 173. Edit movies
L ? D 174. Pose for a photographer
L ? D 175. Provide physical therapy to people recovering from an injury
L ? D 176. Teach a high-school class
L ? D 177. Sell restaurant franchises to individuals
L ? D 178. Sell computer equipment in a store
L ? D 179. Stamp, sort, and distribute mail for an organization
L ? D 180. Handle customers' bank transactions

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