Parent's Guide

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California CareerZone for Local Pathways allows students to explore the world of work through a variety of activities. California CareerZone for Local Pathways is designed so students can progress at their own pace.

Students will want to ask their parents questions as they explore potential occupations, colleges, and lifestyles and this guide is to help parents and guardians understand how California CareerZone for Local Pathways works so they can help their student through the career exploration process.

When students begin using California CareerZone for Local Pathways they have the option to create an account to store their activities. By creating this optional account, they can return and continue their exploration where they left off the last time they were on California CareerZone for Local Pathways. Most of the activities are available without an account, however, we recommend having an account so students’ exploration can be efficient and more than just a one-time event. To create an account, students click the register button on the home page at or select the sign in link at the top of the page and then select the create account tab.