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Next steps

One of the previous steps involved the creation of action plans by the student. If these were created, you may want to periodically check-in to make sure these are completed. If you have a copy, you can check-in from time-to-time just to see how things are progressing.

As your student continues to explore, one of the questions that will arise is whether or not to attend a college or university. If the answer is yes, you will probably want to schedule some time to visit their top choices. The college profile page provides the address for the institutions as well as their website and contact number, which you can use to schedule an appointment (if necessary) and lookup driving directions.

In addition to California CareerZone, there are many other resources on the web that can provide you with additional information on career exploration, colleges and the job market. We provide a resources section that contains general purpose links to some of these resources. If more specific data is available for an occupation or college, it will appear online on the profile page for the item.