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Use your mouse and click on L if you think you would Like to do the activity or select D if you think you would Dislike the activity. Select the ? if you are not sure whether you would like or dislike the work activity.

Alternatively, you can answer the highlighted question by typing the corresponding key on your keyboard.

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L ? D 1. Build kitchen cabinets
L ? D 2. Guard money in an armored car
L ? D 3. Study space travel
L ? D 4. Make a map of the bottom of an ocean
L ? D 5. Conduct a symphony orchestra
L ? D 6. Write stories or articles for magazines
L ? D 7. Teach an individual an exercise routine
L ? D 8. Perform nursing duties in a hospital
L ? D 9. Buy and sell stocks and bonds
L ? D 10. Manage a retail store
L ? D 11. Develop a spreadsheet using computer software
L ? D 12. Proofread records or forms