Additional Resources

  • Visit the home site of the California Career Resource Network (CalCRN) provider of the California CareerZone, this site includes links to CalCRN's and other career development resources, including the California Career Center (CalCC) ( "virtual counselor" Web portal with career and college information to help you begin navigating your career journey. 
  • Roadtrip Nation All of Roadtrip Nation’s television episodes are available online to help viewers see how others have defined their own roads in life and be inspired to take control of their own life journeys. 
  • California CareerZone Workbook Download the California CareerZone workbook pdf 
  • O*NET Assessment Tests If you would like to take one of the paper and pencil assessments available from O*NET, you can find them here. You can take the Interest Profiler and Work Importance Profiler online by clicking on the Assess Yourself link in the menu above. 
  • CA Standards Based Career Planning  For educators, this category addresses career and transition planning in the context of a programmed standards based curriculum 
  • Student External and CZL Exploration Resources These resources provide links to sites that reside outside of CA Career Zone Local.