Training Program :: Piledrivers Apprenticeship

Institution Profile

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Address: 738 Lagoon Avenue

City: Wilmington

State: CA, 90744

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Program Type: Apprenticeship

Phone: (310) 830-5300

Program Description

Piledrivers construct deep foundations, bridges, wharfs, docks and sub-sea structures which require construction deep sea divers.

Application Process

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.


Our program is jointly sponsored by contractors signatory to United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America agreements and the U.B.C. As an employee and union member you will be afforded excellent medical, dental, vision care, vacation, annuity and pension.

Additional Information

  • An applicant for the Piledrivers Apprenticeship Program must be 18 years old or 17 years old with written parental consent. There is no maximum age.
  • An applicant must be in good health and physically able to perform all phases of the work.
  • An applicant must be able to read and understand the English language in order to comprehend instructions on the job and in related training classes, and to ensure personal and co-worker safety on the job.
  • An applicant must complete all application forms and provide evidence of legal employable status in the United States of America.

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Program Length

The minimum term of Apprenticeship requires 48 months, 4800 work hours and completion of 612 hours of related instructional classes taken at a carpenters training center.